Vegetarian soup recipes

The key to making a satisfying, healthy soup is to use plenty of vegetables and protein.

WW vegetarian soup recipes

With plenty of vegetarian soups available with WW, we have selected 9 of our favourites for you. Filled with hearty vegetables, legumes and wholegrains these soups are filling and delicious.

Cauliflower is a classic winter veg that is in abundance during autumn and winter. Packed with a variety of nutrients including being a good source of vitamin C, why not give cauliflower a try in our cauliflower and white bean soup topped with a simple fresh parsley pesto. Love pumpkin? Again this is a classic winter veg and often used to make pumpkin soup during winter but also can taste fantastic in our vegetable laksa. Filled with lemongrass, chilli and lime this vegetarian laksa is big on flavour!

4 quick tips to amp-up your soup

  • Use hearty winter vegetables such as cauliflower, beetroot, zucchini, pumpkin and leek.
  • Add legumes, such as chickpeas, red kidney beans, cannellini beans or even tofu for added protein.
  • For an extra hearty soup add grains, such as quinoa, barley or freekeh for a fibre boost.
  • Add toppings that are full of flavour like a fresh parsley pesto, soft boiled egg, avocado salsa or a simple drizzle of coconut cream.