WW recipes you won't believe are under 10 Points

There's no missing out on the Weight Watchers program!
Published 25 May 2022

Pasta bake, pizza and curry?! You bet! Enjoy your favourite classic meals for under 10 PersonalPoints on the WeightWatchers program.

With WW, making healthier choices doesn’t mean missing out on the foods you love—even hearty, wholesome favourites. Classic dishes become classics for a reason—they’re full of flavour, easy to make and everyone loves them! But what these dishes often have in common is the use of high-fat, high-sodium and high-Points value ingredients. So we gathered our ultimate collection of classic recipes with a healthier spin. The whole family will love these!

Tips to fit in your fave meals:

  • Eat foods from your ZeroPoint foods list throughout the day. Eggs on your list? Try a microwave veggie omelette for lunch. BONUS: You can add Points to your Budget for every serve of non-starchy veg you eat so you can use these added Points to enjoy your fave classic dishes.

  • Add Points to your Budget to spend on some of your fave meals. Ways to add Points can include drinking 1.75L of water per day or taking the dog for a walk around the block.

  • Make smart swaps without compromising on flavour. For example, take our beef and veggie lasagne recipe - making the following swaps reduces the to Points from 11 to 8 per serve:
    - Regular beef mince for extra lean beef mince
    - Full-cream milk for skim milk
    - Regular cheddar cheese for extra light cheddar cheese