African recipes

African food is rich in flavour! Enjoy the flavours of East Africa and Morocco. From tagines to harissa, African cuisine will become your new favourite!
Published 10 October 2019 | Updated 10 July 2024
Recipe: Quick chicken and date tagine

African cuisine

Africa is the most diverse continent on earth and has much to offer when it comes to food and cooking. African cuisine is usually high in fibre, packed with an array of delicious ingredients and made in just one-pot! African dishes embrace exotic spices including harissa, ground cumin and spice mix like ras el hanout, making your home cooking more adventurous and delicious.

Whether you are looking for flavour-packed African meat dishes or some vegetarian options, we have delicious recipes for you to discover. Try our quick chicken and date tagine filled with spices and fresh sweet dates, or Moroccan style vegetable shepherd’s pie combining spices, vegetables and a pumpkin mash to create one super hearty dish.