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Photo of Grilled vegetables & haloumi on rye by WW

Grilled vegetables & haloumi on rye


Meal Items

oil spray

1 x 3 second spray(s)


1 whole, (field variety)


1 cup(s), (1/2 bunch)

cherry tomatoes

6 individual, trussed

haloumi cheese

30 g

white sourdough bread

1 slice(s), (rye)

basil pesto

1 tsp


Preheat a chargrill. Lightly spray 1 flat mushroom, ½ bunch asparagus (halved), 6 trussed cherry tomatoes and 30g haloumi cheese with oil. Cook to your liking. Serve vegetables and haloumi with 1 x 40g slice rye sourdough bread (toasted), spread with 1 tsp basil pesto.