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Boots exclusive: Just £7/month* for your first 6 months!

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Just £7/month* for your first 6 months!

Lasting weight loss starts here
Truth: If your biology makes losing weight more challenging, prescription medications can help. Also truth? They can’t replace healthy habits, which experts say form the foundation of sustainable weight loss. That's where we come in.

Everybody needs healthy habits. We help make them happen.

    • Nutrition made simple
      Life is complicated—healthy eating shouldn’t be. Our customised plans make it easier, while guiding you towards high-protein foods that work hand in hand with your chronic weight-management medication.

    • Weight loss that’s livable
      We’re not a deprivation diet or prepackaged meals. We’re nutritional and behavioral science that changes your relationship with food—so you can keep your favourites.
    • A strong support system
      You don't have to do it alone. Our expert coaches and millions of members understand weight loss and are here to support you—online or in person.

SINCE 1963

Time-tested. Science-proven. Over the last sixty years, 150+ studies have been published on WeightWatchers, including 35+ publications using gold standard randomised controlled trials examining the efficacy and impact of the WeightWatchers programme.