10 non-scale victories worth celebrating

Numbers only tell half the story. WW members share little wins unrelated to weight that push them towards major progress.
Published 2 December, 2021
Just like life, your wellness journey isn’t linear; it’s filled with ups and downs, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t making hard-won progress.
So, while your weight may fluctuate, it’s important to note that it’s just one measure of success. The others? We call them non-scale victories, and they include everything from clothes that fit better to not having to use a seatbelt extender on a plane to, quite simply, feeling more energised.

Non-scale victories = small, everyday measures of wellness that aren’t tied to your weight.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should just throw your scales out the window (something we’ve all been tempted to do from time to time). Rather, focusing on your non-scale victories, or NSVs, will help you realise that you’re making legit, life-changing progress. Plus, acknowledging breakthroughs beyond the numbers can help keep you positive. You don’t have to be the next Ted Lasso, but approaching each day with optimism can motivate you to make better-for-you choices - and hey, that's what WW is really about. Want some NSV inspo? Here’s some of the ways that WW members have described their non-scale victories:

10 non-scale victories worth celebrating

1. You’re building confidence.
“This journey has taught me that I don’t have to hide. I don’t have to feel embarrassed. I can wear crop tops, and even if I didn’t lose a single pound, I would still think that.” (Shannon M.)

2. You’re feelin’ yourself (as you should).
“I've noticed that I don't have as many negative thoughts about myself. I am happier and more confident overall because I know that I'm on the right track!” (Victoria K.)

3. You’re making moves, literally.
“I have the energy and motivation to break up long stretches of sitting with online workout videos.” (Angie W.)

4. You’re doing things you never thought possible.
“For the first time in my life, I’m training for a marathon! I was never able to run, even when I was a kid. Now I can get up to seven miles and I feel amazing.” (Beatriz F.)

5. You’re making powerful mental shifts.
“I’m able to shift my perspective from ‘there’s so much I need to do to reach my goals’ to ‘focus on today.’ For example, I tracked my Points® within 24 hours - that’s major! Learning how to exist in the present helps me to stay consistent more than anything else.” (Jessie D.)

6. You’re excited to shop.
“I tried on a dress in my usual size but it turned out to be three sizes too big! I had to ask for a smaller one. Body dysmorphia is a real thing, but in this moment, I felt happy and proud of myself for how far I’ve come.” (Jacqueline S.)

7. You’re keeping up with the kids.
“I’m no longer the mum on the sidelines. I'm the mum in the game, being able to stay active and keep up with my son.” (Stef D.)

8. You’re noticing differences in your appearance, unrelated to size.
“Now that I can add an extra Point to my Budget for drinking 1.75 litres of water, I’m more motivated to hydrate. I’ve already noticed that my skin is clearer and not as dry.” (Jenni C.)

9. You’re stepping out of your comfort zone.
“I now love being active with my family. I’d even choose an outdoor activity over going out to dinner, which is a huge shift for me!” (Andrea S.)

10. You’re eating healthier foods, and loving them too!
“I’m eating more vegetables now than ever before. I love collard greens, turnips, cabbage...and I’ve noticed that eating more of these makes me feel so much better.” (Zackory K.)

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