3 tips to develop healthy habits

Strategies to support behaviour changes that will help you on your weight loss journey.
Published 12 November, 2015

You don’t need to rip up your old lifestyle to start losing weight. Just a few small changes can lead to greater success  

Rather than focusing on the big picture, think small – making a few little but significant changes to your lifestyle can help you reach your health goals.

1. Make one change for better fitness
One small behaviour change when it comes to exercise, such as walking the kids to school, can have a knock-on effect that allows other healthy habits to follow more naturally. Let’s say you decide to get off the bus a stop early. Not only does your physical health get a boost, it can lift your confidence and self-esteem, too. In turn, this makes you feel that you deserve looking after, so you’re more likely to choose healthier foods to eat. Enjoy the domino effect!

2. Replace negative words
Losing weight is difficult if you’ve always hated the idea of going on a diet or doing exercise. Instead, banish those words from your vocabulary.

Now, you’re simply choosing to eat delicious healthy food (and more of it than you used to!) and to be more active in your daily life. Reframe your thoughts to see these changes as positive gains rather than losses.

3. Switch up your surroundings
Your environment has a huge impact on your weight loss that you may not be aware of. Make it easier for your home or office to support you:

  • Organise your kitchen cupboards to bring healthy food to the front
  • Swap the biscuit tin for a fruit bowl
  • Take a different route to work to avoid any temptations en route!
  • Remove crisps and sweets from your desk, and replace them with nuts, seeds, fruit or healthy snack bars