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10 ways to boost your weight loss motivation

Motivation is key to starting and maintaining a weight loss programme, but finding your mojo can sometimes be challenging! Here are 10 top tips to inspire you on your journey and keep your motivation levels high...
Published 18 November, 2015

Weight loss motivation tips to help you smash your goals!

Losing weight is a gradual process, and one that takes time, effort and perseverance. So don’t be surprised if your weight loss motivation levels ebb and flow during the course of your journey - that’s completely normal!

If you need a helping hand to stay on track, check out the following weight loss motivation tips. They’re sure to keep you focused and inspired!

1. Find what works for you

We’re all unique individuals, so it makes sense that our weight loss journeys will all look a bit different. The trick for success is to identify the things that work for you. When it comes to eating, that might mean ensuring your fridge is always stocked with healthy foods, or building a repertoire of quick and easy meals you can throw together after work. In terms of exercise, you might be a fan of group fitness classes, or perhaps you get your endorphins from running or cycling. In short, find what you enjoy and your weight loss motivation will follow!

2. Keep a journal

Keeping a journal or a diary is a great way to motivate yourself to lose weight. Try setting aside ten minutes a day to jot down your thoughts, feelings, successes and challenges. A few weeks into your journey, you’ll be able to look back at just how far you’ve come and how much progress you’ve made! Keeping a record of things will also help you to identify any recurring obstacles or triggers that are standing in the way of you smashing your goals.

3. Get social

Sharing your journey with like-minded people is a brilliant way of keeping you (and them!) motivated to lose weight. By engaging with an online community, you can swap tips and advice, exchange recipes, and provide each other with some moral support during any tricky times. If you’re a WW member, the Connect section of our app is a great place to chat with like-minded people - before you know it you’ll have a whole group of new friends!

4. Celebrate your successes

As you continue to navigate your wellness journey, it’s important to take a moment to recognise all the little successes you achieve along the way. After all, your hard work deserves to be celebrated! Why not treat yourself to a new item of clothing or an indulgent beauty treatment next time you reach a mini milestone? In the meantime, check out other members’ success stories for inspiration!

5. Keep things fresh

It can be all-too-easy to fall into a rut of eating the same meals and taking part in the same sorts of physical exercise, so one of the best ways to boost weight loss motivation is to mix things up a bit. Next time you’re at the supermarket, why not pick out a fruit or vegetable you haven’t tried before, and build a meal around it? The WW app is a great source of inspiration! You could also try shaking up your fitness routine by trying a new class or finding an interesting new walking route.

6. Make fitness fun

For a lot of us, physical activity is something we think we should do rather than something we actually want to do. But the best way to make exercise a regular habit is to find something you enjoy. So rather than force yourself out on a run when you hate running, why not sign up for a Zumba class or a Salsa dancing lesson? Or, if you like walking, but you’re getting a bit bored with the same old routes, try heading somewhere new, or putting together a fab playlist to keep you entertained.

7. Find foods you love

Following a weight loss plan doesn’t have to mean living off bland, uninspiring food. One of the main ways to stay motivated on a diet is to find delicious, flavoursome meals you love to eat. So get ready to experiment and try new things! If you’re a fan of spice, why not try a few different curry recipes? Or if you have a sweet tooth, get creative with your baking and whip up some tasty healthier puds!

8. Set micro goals

Deciding to lose weight and improve your health is a fantastic goal to have, but it can feel a bit overwhelming at times! If you’re struggling to stay on track, try breaking things down into smaller, more manageable steps. Perhaps you want to start by tracking all your meals in the WW app, for instance. Or maybe you want to focus on getting outside for a short walk every day. The trick to keeping weight loss motivation levels high is to pick a couple of mini goals to concentrate on, rather than trying to do everything at once.

9. Look after your mental health

The better we feel about ourselves mentally, the more likely we are to have motivation to lose weight. So make sure you’re looking after yourself. That means focussing on other areas of your life aside from just weight loss. Make sure you’re still taking time to socialise with your friends and family, for example. (Worried about eating out and staying on track? Check out these great tips!) Getting enough sleep is crucial too.

10. Be patient

Losing weight isn’t something that happens overnight. So rather than focussing on the end result, try to enjoy the journey! By going slow and steady, you’re more likely to make sustainable changes and keep the weight off in the long run. Try not to compare yourself to other people either - everyone’s journey is different. Instead, focus on all the positive things you’re doing to improve your mental and physical health and feel proud of yourself!

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