Fitness & workouts

Tone up with your tot

New mums don’t need to shelve exercise when there are so many baby-friendly ways to get active
Published 6 November, 2015

Having a baby changes your body in many ways – some more welcome than others! And although you might feel under pressure to lose your baby weight straight away, it’s important to take it slowly and sensibly.

Healthy eating and gentle exercise are the best ways to achieve the results you want, so follow our simple ideas for getting active with your tot. Before starting any activity after giving birth, it’s important to check with a qualified healthcare professional that it is safe to do so.

Walking with your baby in a buggy is one of the easiest ways to tone up. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes, a sports bra and trainers, then off you go!

Go easy on yourself – you carried your baby for nine months, so give yourself at least nine months to get your pre-baby body back.

Find a mother and baby exercise group in your local park or village hall. Mums can work out, while baby watches from a buggy or mat. Check your instructor is trained in ante- and postnatal exercise before signing up.

Hire fitness DVDs or a personal trainer with other mum friends and turn a workout into something a little more social.

Fit in your exercise at home by doing some pelvic floor and abdominal exercises when you’ve got a spare minute.

Ask your partner for support while you pop out for a run or cycle ride. Exercise is good for your mind, as well as your body, and it’s important to plan a bit of mum time into the diary.