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Away from home? There’s no reason to derail your fitness routine!
Published 25 June, 2018
If you're staying in a hotel...


Check to see if the facilities include a pool. Swimming is an easy way to earn a few FitPoints® each day, and because it’s a low-impact exercise, almost anyone can participate. If you’re a less than confident swimmer, a hotel pool is also a safer option for swimming than the ocean, as you won’t have to worry about tides and other challenges.

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If you're on a city break


Explore your surroundings on foot. Walking will help you to stay active, but because you’ll be seeing the sights and enjoying your holiday, you probably won’t even realise you’re exercising. To keep yourself motivated, pack a camera and aim to take pictures during your walks – you’ll have memories to keep afterwards, and it might push you to explore areas you might not have noticed before.

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If you're on a staycation


Get family or friends together for an informal game of football, volleyball or rounders. Competing against one another is fun and will push you to work harder – but you’ll still get a well-rounded workout and earn FitPoints as you play.

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