Take On a New Challenge this Summer with #WW5kMyWay

Get active and complete 5k your way – it’s entirely up to you how you do it!
Published 18 July, 2019

LONDON 23 May 2019 – WW, the new Weight Watchers, is inviting everyone across the country to join in with their annual #WW5kMyWay challenge during the weekend 8th-9th June. 


Whether you go for a jog in the park, walk along the river, cycle around town or swim in your local lido #WW5kMyWay challenges you to complete 5k in a way that suits you.  


Taking place on the same weekend as Global Wellness Day, #WW5KMyWay hopes to inspire others to begin their own health and wellness journey. 


Last year, WW Coaches encouraged hundreds of WW members, along with their friends and families, to take part, and this year it’s set to be even bigger. It’s a no pressure event that celebrates people moving more and enjoying being active outdoors.


Moving more is key to achieving a healthier mind and body, and if you’re looking to take on a fitness challenge but feel a marathon is a stretch too far, #WW5kMyWay is just the thing to get you going.


Research from WW found 45 million Brits set goals as a means of improving their physical, mental and emotional health, with almost ninety per cent of men (86%) and women (89%) stating this was their focus for 2019. By getting outdoors with challenges such as #WW5kMyWay, Brits have the opportunity to achieve their goals as well as having fun. 


XXX [insert success story name], a WW community member from XXX who is on track to hit her/his goal said, “Last year I walked the #WW5kMyWay and this alone kick-started my wellness journey. A year later, I have lost [insert weight] and I can [insert WW5KMyWay goal]. I’m even thinking about tackling a bigger distance and completing a 10k! I’d never have thought that was possible”. 


To help get you started, WW share tips for a 5k success:


Take your time – It’s ok to start slow. By pushing yourself too hard, too soon, you’ll only increase your chances of injuries and make it harder for yourself in the long run

Take a break! – Remember to listen to your body and take breaks little and often. You shouldn’t wait until you’re exhausted before you do

Comfort is key – Exercise isn’t fun when you’re uncomfortable therefore comfortable, breathable clothing is a must. Both men and women should try and wear supportive footwear 

Stay hydrated – Water is the only essential piece of kit you need to take. Make sure you stay hydrated 

The power of positivity - Try to remember that pace isn’t everything. The fact that you’re out and about is an achievement


To share how you completed your own 5K and your commitments to the start of your own wellness journey, use #WW5kMyWay and #WellnessThatWorks.


For more information and tips on how you can complete your #WW5kMyWay, please visit https://www.weightwatchers.com/uk/5kmyway.