Feel the Burn, Brits lose weight faster with a friend

Published 25 June, 2020
  • BFF (Burn Fat Fast!) with your BFF – new research from WW’s scientists reveals members who join WW together are likely to lose up to 14% more weight
  • The WW survey of 2,000 Brits reveals 58% of people are planning to make a healthy change in the New Year with a buddy
  • Over half (62 per cent) are more likely to stick to a new healthy lifestyle programme if they do it with someone else

LONDON, 1st JANUARY 2020 – 58% of people are planning to make a healthy change in the New Year with a buddy while a third think they will give up sooner without someone to support them along their journey, according to a new survey from WW, WeightWatchers.

The WW survey of 2,000 Brits also revealed that over half (62%) are more likely to stick to a healthy lifestyle change when doing it alongside someone else and 50% said motivation received from their support was the biggest factor for seeing it through.

As the world’s leading weight-loss programme and partner in wellness, WW puts a strong emphasis on the power of community to help people build healthier habits and encourages them to support each other through their wellness journeys.

With the average Brit starting and failing an average of two diets each year and admitting to falling out of a gym routine after the first 10 weeks, it seems as a nation we really are better together. One in five (22%) said they find  being active is easier if it means spending time with a relative or buddy and when it comes to healthy eating, one in four said they prefer meal planning with someone else, rather than alone. 

In 2020, two thirds of people said they are planning on getting healthy with their other half, whilst a fifth said they would do so with a friend; an eighth are also thinking of making a healthy lifestyle change with a colleague instead. 

When questioned about why embarking on a wellness journey with another was more appealing, 22% said it helped make them more accountable as they didn’t want to let the other person down. For example, 48% admitted to feeling guilty after cancelling on an exercise buddy!

Anna Hill, General Manager at WW UK said “With the pressure of ‘new year, new you’ ever prevalent, we want people to feel as though they are set-up for the best possible chance of success when it comes to achieving their wellness goals. A unique WW insight has revealed that members can lose up to 14% more weight with a friend and this research has shown the great merits in being able to share your journey alongside a trusted support. 

We want to empower friends, family and loved ones to make a positive and lasting commitment to themselves, which can at first seem daunting. Having someone by your side; whether embarking on the same journey as you or simply being your cheerleader; can help keep you open, honest, on track and make activities like working out more enjoyable and soften any fear of failure.”

To start your own weight loss and wellness journey and find out more about the new myWW programme head to ww.com.