Picnic recipe ideas

Heading out for a picnic? Impress your friends and family with these portable and super tasty ideas!

Spring picnic ideas


There's nothing better than packing a big rug and an esky full of delicious food to enjoy in the great outdoors! The art of choosing the right foods for a picnic can be tricky, but our suggestions will ensure it's fuss free and one to remember.


4 tips for a great picnic:

1. Your esky or cooler bag will stay colder if it’s full so fill any empty space with frozen water bottles.

2. Discard any food that has been left out for more than 2 hours.

3. To keep salad crisp, transport the dressing in a separate container and toss the salad just before you're ready to eat.

4. When making a wrap, keep the filling on the dry side so your sandwiches won't get soggy. Roll your wraps in foil so that as you eat, you can fold down or peel away the foil without losing any filling.

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