Six ways WeightWatchers puts you in control of your weight loss

With WeightWatchers, you are in the driver’s seat
Published January 3, 2020

1. You are in charge of your goals

When you join WeightWatchers you get to choose your goal weight. Each approach nudges you to make healthier choices every day, and sets you up with a plan to meet your goals.

2. You eat your foods, not pre-packaged frozen foods

With WeightWatchers you eat the foods you love! You are not required to purchase any pre-packaged or frozen foods (in fact, we don’t even make any!). With WeightWatchers you still eat all your normal foods, as we know that cutting a favourite food out for good is not sustainable. Instead, you will learn healthy hacks, portion control tips, and easy swaps to make your favourite recipes and restaurant foods fit within the plan. Plus, we have more than 7,000 recipes to choose from, in case you want a little kitchen inspiration.

3. With WeightWatchers there are foods you don't need to weigh, measure, or track

The WeightWatchers program has more than 200 foods that are ZeroPoints - meaning you don't need to track them. They are normal, everyday foods that help form the foundation of a healthy eating pattern. While they are free, they aren't the only foods you should eat. Instrad, think of them as anchors to build your meals around, or stay satiated when you are out of Points.

4. Work the plan through Core or Premium, the choice is yours!

There are two ways to join! Our Premium membership gives you access to our award-winning app plus weekly Workshops where you will learn behaviour change techniques, based in science, to help you to reach your goals.

Our Core membership gives you access to all of the great features in  our app, like our tracker, Connect – our exclusive members-only social community, Curated guided meditations from Breethe, and workouts from obe– just for WW members.

5. You set your activity goals and add Points

Speaking of activity, you are in total control of your activity goals. We know that no two people are the same, and we all have different levels of ability and fitness, so that’s why with WW you choose how active you want to be, and those Points earned from activity go right into your Budget!

6. WW fits in you life

Unlike other restrictive diets that may have your eating pattern focused on one macronutrient (like, for example, fats with keto) or have you only eating during certain times of day or days of the week (like intermittent fasting) WW fits real life. Whether you are an avid home cook, or prefer to dine out, WW is flexible enough to fit any lifestyle.