Myth busting WW

Debunking some common misconceptions about WW

WW has been a leader in weight loss for a long time (more than 50 years!) but with this legacy, can come some misconceptions. Here we debunk five of the most common myths about WW.


Myth 1. You have to eat our pre-packaged foods

Nope – in fact we don’t make pre-packaged meals! WW is all about livability and that means eating home-cooked foods, takeout, leftovers, fancy dinners, and drive-through classics. No foods are off-limits! And with more than 5,000 WW-approved recipes, you will stay satisfied and inspired.


Myth 2. You have to go to a Workshop (a.k.a. meetings)

Maybe you’ve been hesitant about joining WW because the idea of sitting in a room full of strangers and talking about a vulnerable part of your life is scary. The good news is you can work WW all on your own with our award-winning app, perfect for self-starters who like independence. But workshops are a great place too – you can even try one for free! The workshop community provides unparalleled support from fellow members and your coach (who are all WW members) – so they know your challenges.


Myth 3. WW is stuck in the stone age

We have an app – an AWARD WINNING app to boot! You can work the program in the palm of your hand. Easily track your food and activity, chat with a coach, browse Connect – our members-only social network - search for recipe inspo, listen to guided meditations with our partnership with Headspace and access audio workouts through our partnership with Aaptiv!  


Myth 4. You need to step on a scale in front of strangers

If you are a Workshop member, your private wellness check-in is completely confidential. When you weigh in only you and your WW guide will see your weight (unless you feel like sharing!) so rest assured that you will feel comfortable, at ease, and have your privacy respected.


Myth 5. WW is your grandma’s diet

WW is not your grandma’s weight loss plan – although she is invited too! WW members are diverse in age, culture, and gender – and did you know WW is worldwide! From Australia to Sweden, WW is Wellness that Works - for the world!