What are FitPoints® 2.0?

See what's changed, and how it can help you make the most of every move!
Published November 15, 2018

The new and improved FitPoints feature is…

...smarter than just counting steps, measuring distance or tracking time spent working out. It’s newly calibrated to make your FitPoints even more accurate than before!

...our most personalized ever. Built on the latest scientific research, FitPoints are unique to each individual—based on their height, weight, age and sex—so you know exactly how each activity benefits your body.

...more efficient. Earn more FitPoints when you engage in strength-training and higher-intensity activities vs. lower-intensity activities. Simply put, you get more out of your workout minutes, which makes it easier for you to meet your goals.

Tap on the activity tab on My Day to learn more about the benefits of FitPoints 2.0!