9 creative ways to savour your favourite ingredient: bread!

Each of these SmartPoints®-friendly creations calls for bread in a different form. And there's not a single sandwich on the list.
Published August 19, 2020

Calling all bread lovers! (You, and you, and you!) Whether you've got an extra loaf or feel like there aren't enough hours in the day for the number of sandwiches you'd like to eat, behold the inspired creations below: Each involves using bread as an ingredient (think: bread salad, bread casserole, and more!) so you can have your bread and eat it too—at every course of every meal and in a variety of SmartPoints-friendly dishes.

Tip: You'll typically get the most bang for your SmartPoints buck if you choose light 100% whole-grain bread that clocks in between 40 and 70 calories per slice. (Use your WW app Barcode Scanner to compare brands.) Can't find a light variety? Look for thin slices, which tend to have fewer SmartPoints than standard sliced alternatives.  

Scroll for recipe ideas and an answer the next time someone asks whether you can eat bread on WW and stay within your SmartPoints Budget. ("Yes!")