SmartPoints explained

The SmartPoints® system is our way of making nutrition science simple! Learn how to make the best food choices for your health and weight loss on our NEW myWW program.

How SmartPoints work

You get a SmartPoint Budget


Spend it on any food or drink you like. Keep track of your SmartPoints as you use them - and the fastest and easiest way is with the WW app.


Enjoy extra flexibility


You'll also get an additional weekly SmartPoints Budget. You might want to enjoy a few extra SmartPoints each day or save them up for the weekend.


More freedom with ZeroPoint foods


ZeroPoint™ foods form the foundation of a healthy eating pattern. You don't have to track or measure them.


Extra wriggle room

Got a big weekend planned? Rollover SmartPoints for when you need them most.

Keep track in the app

Keep track of your SmartPoints Budget with our easy-to-use digital tools.

How many SmartPoints do I get per day?

After joining myWW, we'll guide you through a personal assessment so we can understand your needs and match you to a weight-loss program that suits you best.
You'll receive a personalised SmartPoints Budget based on your current weight, height, biological sex and age.
You choose what to eat and we've got plenty of healthy recipes and meal plans to guide you.