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WW Points system explained

The SmartPoints® system is our guide to making nutrition science simple! Learn how to make the best food choices for your health and weight loss on the WW (The new Weight Watchers) program.

SmartPoints values are numbers we assign to foods and drink to help make deciding what to eat simpler. We take complex nutrition and distill it down to one easy to understand number: the SmartPoints value.

What are SmartPoints?

SmartPoints is an evolution of Points and ProPoints - our simple counting system that nudges you towards nutritious, healthier foods. Every food or drink has a SmartPoints value based on it's calories, saturated fat, protein and sugar.

You have a personalised number of points that you can spend each day on any foods you choose. As long as you stay within your points budget, you will be on the right track to reaching your weight loss goals.

>>What a day on SmartPoints can look like

How do SmartPoints work for weight loss?

  • Get a personalised budget

Spend your daily budget on any food or drink you like. The WW app will keep track of it all for you—no mental math required!

  • Enjoy extra flexibility

How you eat on a Monday is probably different than how you eat on a Friday—and that’s OK! SmartPoints are designed to be flexible. You'll get an additional weekly SmartPoints Budget. You might want to enjoy a few extra SmartPoints each day or save them up for the weekend.

  • Less tracking with ZeroPoint foods

Enjoy ZeroPoint™ foods that you don't have to track or measure. These foods help you form the foundation of a healthy eating pattern.

How do calories relate to SmartPoints?

Every food and drink has a SmartPoints value. Calories give it the baseline; saturated fat and sugar drive the SmartPoints value up, while protein drives it down. The reason for this is that numerous studies have confirmed the benefits of eating less sugar and saturated fat, and more protein—not just for weight loss, but all sorts of other healthy reasons.

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How many Points do I get per day?

After joining WW, we'll take a personal assessment so we can understand your needs and match you to a weight-loss program that suits you best.

Then you'll receive a personalised SmartPoints Budget based on your current weight, height, sex and age to ensure that you reach your weight-loss goals.

You choose what to eat and we've got plenty of healthy recipes and meal plans to guide you, plus our tools will help you to calculate and track your Points.

Every recipe has a SmartPoints value

Our philosophy is simple: to offer recipes that are nutritious as well as delicious. Our recipes are designed to encourage a healthier pattern of eating with lots of ZeroPoint foods and lower SmartPoints value ingredients to make the most of your Budget. Check out some of our most popular recipes of all time!
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