Your 7-day dinner plan: Recipes for when you're short on time

Get a healthy and delicious dinner on the table in a flash with this week's dinner plan.
Published 10 May 2022 | Updated 17 October 2022

When you’re really hungry it can be tempting to eat the quickest thing you can get your hands on, but it's not the best idea when you're working within your Points Budget.

To help you make a healthy meal in less than 30 minute (bonus - you'll have leftovers too) we've devised this collection of super-speedy, super-delish dinners. It includes an absolute member favourite - sticky peanut butter chicken. A simple take on satay chicken with fresh lime juice adding a zesty tang.

3 quick tips to save you time at dinner

  1. Planning your meals will make cooking faster as you’ll know exactly what you’re going to cook and what ingredients to buy at the supermarket.

  2. Prep it. If you have a busy day ahead, consider prepping some of your ingredients the night before. Cut up veggies for a stir-fry or pre-cook your rice and store in the fridge.

  3. Used canned goods. Because they are already cooked, canned ingredients are perfect for time-poor cooks. So stock up on canned tuna, legumes and tomatoes for easy toss-together meals.