Your 7-day dinner plan: Healthy Mexican

Celebrate the colourful, vibrant and fresh flavours of Mexican cuisine.
Published 16 March 2022 | Updated 12 April 2024
Steak burritos

Who doesn’t love a burrito? There's even an emoji for them 🌯! Since it's International Burrito Day this week, it's only fair to honour the legendary burrito and celebrate Mexican cuisine with a week's worth of recipes!

From burritos to enchiladas and simple chilli con carne, there's something in this weeks dinner plan that will suit the whole family.

How do I make burritos healthy?

Good question! Choose a protein base like lean beef mince, chicken breast or refried beans, then add lettuce, diced tomatoes, lite sour cream and low-fat cheese to save on Points! Don't forget to measure your sauce! 1 tbs should do the trick and go for a generous squeeze of line juice without adding any extra Points!