Canned fruit and veg recipes

New and exciting ways to use canned fruits and veg. Your pantry is full of endless possibilities.
Published 26 April 2020 | Updated 12 April 2024
Chip-crusted chicken with mango salsa

Who really gets excited over canned fruit and veggies? No one? By using canned fruit and veg in a different way, they can be the hero ingredient in a delicious dish and elevate it from an ok dish to a flavoursome meal.

Look for canned fruits and veg without added sugars, sauces, or other flavour additives apart from their natural juices. That way, when drained, they’re ZeroPoint foods.

Here are some simple, creative ideas so you can dust off those cans at the back of your pantry and get cooking!

Canned pineapple in slow-cooked sweet and sour chicken

Pineapple makes a super ingredient for stew-like slow cooker recipes—as the fruit breaks down, it naturally thickens the sauce. In this slow-cooked sweet and sour chicken, the pineapple perfectly balances the dish.

Slow-cooked sweet and sour chicken recipe

Canned mango in homemade salsa

Tropical fruit salsa can elevate even a basic baked chicken breast into something special. After draining, roughly chop canned mango and toss with canned diced tomatoes, chopped shallot or onion, fresh mint or coriander, lemon or lime juice, and—if you like some heat—minced jalapeño or fresh red chilli. Here’s a salsa recipe you can follow; just sub in 250g of canned mango for every fresh mango used. Or try using canned mango in this chip-crusted chicken with mango salsa​ recipe.

Mango and coriander salsa recipe

Canned pears in porridge

The natural juiciness of canned pears is a great way to add sweetness to hot porridge without relying on added sugar. Cook up some rolled oats, then swap the fresh pear out for 230g of canned pears in this nourishing breakfast for one.

Vanilla porridge with cinnamon pears recipe

Canned crushed tomatoes in a family favourite bolognese

Making your own bolognese sauce doesn’t mean you have to spend half a day at the stovetop stirring in the kitchen. All it takes is 60 minutes to whip up this delicious rich rendition. It’s great with zoodles, and pasta of course, and also fabulous as a base for moreish chilli con carne.

Spaghetti bolognese recipe

Canned corn in breakfast fritters

Corn has long been a staple ingredient in muffins, breads and other breakfast items. Next time, try changing up your morning meal and use those sweet kernels in these cafe-style fritters for a delicious brunch.

Corn and smoked salmon fritters recipe

Canned beets and chickpeas in hummus

Canned beetroots retain almost as much flavour as the home-roasted version, which makes them a convenient and delicious addition to soups, salads, and more. They’re also super creamy when pureed. Use canned beets and chickpeas to add an earthy flavour and an unexpected hue to homemade hummus. You can use beetroot hummus as a yummy dip, salad dressing or why not try this creative Middle Eastern lamb pizza with beetroot hummus.

Middle Eastern lamb pizza with beetroot hummus recipe