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Xmas bombe alaska

SmartPoints® value per serving
Total Time
50 min
40 min
10 min
Try this twist on an old favourite with layered berry sorbet and vanilla ice cream. Bright, vibrant, delicious!


Sorbet, all flavours

625 ml, (2 1/2 cups), berry sorbet

Low fat, no added sugar ice cream

625 ml, (2 1/2 cups) vanilla

Un-iced plain sponge cake

100 g

Egg white

3 medium, at room temperature

Caster sugar

cup(s), (150g)

Fresh berries

½ cup(s), to decorate

Shredded or desiccated coconut

20 g, toasted

Fresh raspberries

125 g

Icing sugar

½ tsp, for dusting


  1. Remove the sorbet from the freezer. Line a 7cm-deep, 9cm x 25.5cm (base measurement) loaf tin with plastic wrap, extending 5cm over the edge of the tin. Spoon sorbet over base of prepared tin. Smooth top. Cover with foil and freeze for 3 hours or until firm.
  2. Remove ice-cream from freezer 10 minutes before needed. Spoon ice-cream over sorbet layer. Smooth top. Slice cake into 1.5cm thick slices. Arrange cake, trimming to fit, over ice-cream. Cover with foil and freeze for 5 hours or until firm.
  3. Meanwhile, place the sugar into a small saucepan, and add 1/3 cup (80ml) water. Stir over low heat without boiling until the sugar dissolves, then bring to the boil and cook without stirring for 5 minutes (it should reach hard ball stage with a sugar thermometer, otherwise drop a tiny amount into a cup of cold water. If it forms a firm lump it is ready).
  4. Meanwhile, place egg whites in the bowl of an electric stand mixer and mix to soft peaks, then with the mixer running, carefully and slowly pour in hot syrup. Keep beating for a further 5 minutes to cool.
  5. Invert the ice-cream loaf onto a serving plate. Discard plastic wrap. Spread the meringue over the loaf to enclose completely. Use a blow torch to lightly colour the meringue. Decorate with berries and coconut and dust with icing sugar. Serve immediately.


TIP: You can use mango sorbet instead of berry and chocolate sponge instead of plain.