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Photo of Steamed spinach, pork and sweet corn dumplings by WW

Steamed spinach, pork and sweet corn dumplings

Total Time
50 min
30 min
20 min
Why not have an authentic Chinese dinner with these wontons and bok choy. Keep the freshness and flavours alive by steaming in a steam basket and serving with extra soy sauce!


Baby spinach

3 cup(s), (60g)

Pork mince, raw

175 g, (lean)


½ cup(s), (80g)

Snow peas

70 g, shredded

Fresh ginger

2 tsp, finely grated

Reduced salt soy sauce

1 tbs, (2tsp), plus extra to serve

Caster sugar

½ tsp

Wonton wrapper(s)

24 individual, (220g)


  1. Add enough water to a saucepan or wok so the level is just under the steamer basket and bring to a gentle simmer (see note).
  2. Meanwhile, place spinach in a large heatproof bowl and cover with boiling water. Set aside for 30 seconds. Drain well. Cool. Using hands, squeeze out excess water. Finely chop.
  3. Place mince, spinach, corn, snow peas, ginger, soy sauce and sugar in a medium bowl. Season with salt and stir to combine.
  4. Place wrappers on a clean work surface and cover with a damp tea towel to stop them drying out. Working with 1 at a time, place 2 teaspoons mince filling in centre of each wrapper. Using a pastry brush, brush edges of wrapper with a little water. Fold in half to enclose filling. Repeat to make 24 dumplings.
  5. Place dumplings in a steamer basket lined with baking paper. Steam, covered, in batches, over simmering water (ensuring basket is not touching water) for 6–7 minutes or until cooked through. Serve with extra soy.


SERVING SUGGESTION: Steamed bok choy.Tip: Suitable to freeze (before steaming) for up to 3 months.You can use either a metal steamer over a saucepan or a bamboo steamer over a wok. You can also use an electric steamer following the manufacturer’s instructions.