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Crunchy chicken drumsticks

Crunchy chicken drumsticks

Total Time
1 hr 5 min
10 min
35 min
Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, no one will ever guess these drumsticks were oven baked instead of fried. Buttermilk is the secret to the chicken’s tender texture and zippy flavour. For the best results, we recommend marinating the chicken at least overnight if not the full 24 hours. The long soak will be worth the wait.


Skinless chicken drumstick

6 individual, bone removed


1 cup(s), (250ml)


2 clove(s), crushed

Panko breadcrumbs

½ cup(s), (70g)

Chilli powder

1 tsp

Ground paprika

1 tsp

Mustard powder

¾ tsp

Garlic powder or flakes

½ tsp, use powder

Oil spray

3 x 3 second spray(s)


  1. Combine chicken, buttermilk and garlic in a large container with a lid. Season with salt and pepper. Add chicken and turn to coat. Close container lid and refrigerate for at least 20 minutes or up to 1 day, turning container occasionally.
  2. Preheat oven to 200°C. Line a baking tray with baking paper.
  3. Combine breadcrumbs, chilli, paprika, mustard powder and garlic powder on a plate. Season with salt and pepper. Drain chicken and discard marinade. Coat drumsticks, one at a time, in breadcrumb mixture, pressing so it adheres. Lightly spray each drumstick with oil and arrange on prepared tray.
  4. Bake chicken for 35 minutes or until browned and cooked. Stand for 5 minutes before serving.


Serve with your favourite salad.