Jules Robinson Joins WW | WW Australia

“I lost 9kgs for my wedding, and feel healthier, happier and stronger”

Reality TV star Jules Robinson is celebrating the achievement of her first weight loss and wellness milestone with WW, as she weds her MAFS sweetheart.

Jules’ ‘why’

“Not only did I feel fabulous on my wedding day, but I’ve introduced healthy habits to my lifestyle that will stick with me into the future.”

Q & A with Jules

What do you love about NEW myWW?


New myWW is customised to my food preferences and lifestyle so it’s ultimately easier to follow and more sustainable. It gives me the freedom and flexibility to enjoy all the things I love to do, from dining out at restaurants with my husband, to enjoying the occasional celebratory champagne with friends. I never feel like I’m depriving myself or sacrificing my lifestyle with myWW.


You’re on Purple – why is it your perfect fit?


Purple works for me because I’m a carbs girl! On Purple, there are over 300 ZeroPoint™ foods including some of my favourite carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, potatoes, and wholemeal pasta. On Purple I can enjoy foods like sweet potatoes without tracking, feeling guilty or impacting my weight loss.


How has your life changed since joining WW?


I’ve yo-yo dieted all my life and I’d grown to think carbs were bad for me, but the myWW program has shifted my mindset around what’s healthy and how to incorporate balance. It’s been life-changing for me because it feels easier and more sustainable for the long term. It’s a lifestyle, not a diet!

3 reasons WW works for Jules

Customised weight loss

The new myWW program has helped me lose weight and enjoy the foods I love in a way that better suits my lifestyle.


I love that the WW community is always there to offer support, whether it’s at weekly WW Workshops or via Connect in the app.

Healthy choices are easier

The SmartPoints® system provides a simple framework that empowers me to make healthier choices on my own.


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