7 ways to make canned soup taste amazing

Canned soup is quick, budget-friendly, and convenient. Try these simple tweaks to make it the tastiest meal of your day.
Published 23 March 2020

Canned soup is wonderful to have on hand. It’s a budget-friendly buy, it boasts a long shelf life, and it’s ready to enjoy in minutes. Make your next bowl even better by stirring in these simple, tasty add-ins. Heat, eat, repeat!


1. Leafy greens


Whether you’re popping open a can of chicken noodle or tomato, soup can be a great way to use up chopped greens such as baby rocket, kale, and spinach. Incorporate whatever amount you prefer (fresh or frozen), then heat until warmed and wilted. Remember this next time you’re sick of salad!


2. Cooked veggies


Sure, soup is usually defined by its liquid status. But that doesn’t mean you can’t amp up the solids. Frozen veggies such as peas and corn make nutritious additions and simply need to be heated through. Canned soup also makes a great catch-all for leftover cooked veggies such as diced butternut pumpkin, broccoli florets and diced potato. Throw ’em in!


3. Lean protein


Level up a simple veggie puree or broth-based soup by adding a source of protein such as canned beans, shredded BBQ chicken, or sliced, cooked turkey sausage.


4. Fresh herbs


No reason to let that bunch of parsley wilt in the fridge. Chop up a handful and scatter it on almost any soup for a fresh flavour hit and a pretty pop of green. Other versatile herbs include thyme, dill, and chives. All good options—fresh or dried!


5. Something crispy


After ladling soup into a bowl, add textural interest by sprinkling a crunchy element on top. Homemade croutons, a few crumbled tortilla chips, even some pieces of plain popcorn can all add excitement to your bowl.


6. Something savoury


Boost the depth of flavour in your favourite canned soup with a sprinkle of freshly grated cheese, a spoonful of capers or chopped olives for briny flavour, or some chopped sun-dried tomato for sweet-tart complexity.


7. Something tart


Palate-tickling acid helps other flavours pop. If you’re serving a veggie variety of soup, try adding a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice just before serving. If you’re heating up a Mexican or Asian-style soup, add a squiggle of sriracha or other hot sauce. Balsamic vinegar complements everything from lentil soup to tomato bisque. A simple splash is all it takes.

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