SmartPoints explained

Learn how to make the best choices for your health and weight loss, without giving up the foods you love.

SmartPoints® is a revitalisation of Points and ProPoints - WW's simple counting system that nudges you towards nutritious, healthier foods. You'll learn how to eat better while you lose weight and boost your wellness. You'll have the flexibility to enjoy your social life while you learn healthy habits for real life.



What makes SmartPoints so effective?


On WW program, no foods are off limits. You'll get a personalised SmartPoints Budget to 'spend' how you like. It's a simple counting system and our easy to use WW app will help you keep track. You can save your SmartPoints up for the weekend or spread them out over the week. It's all about finding what works for you.


With SmartPoints, foods that are higher in sugar and/or saturated fat are higher in SmartPoints values. Foods that are higher in lean protein are lower in SmartPoints values so you'll naturally choose healthier choices to stretch your Budget further (this means filling up on ZeroPoint™ foods like vegies, fruits, legumes, skinless salmon and chicken breast).



SmartPoints FAQs


  • Every food is assigned its own SmartPoints value — an easy-to-use number based on four components: kilojoules, saturated fat, sugar, and protein.
  • Protein lowers the amount of SmartPoints values that something 'costs'.
  • Sugar and saturated fat increase the SmartPoints values.
  • Over 200 foods are on the ZeroPoint foods list which means you can eat them without counting.
  • You get a personalised daily Budget plus a weekly Budget (hello weekend drinks and pizza!)
  • You choose what to eat and we've got plenty of recipes ideas and meal planners to guide you.



How many Points do I get per day?


Once you join WW, you'll be given a personalised SmartPoints Budget which takes into consideration your current weight, height, gender, and age. Your Budget is made up of two components: your daily SmartPoints, plus you weekly SmartPoints. You can spend these on splurges, bigger portions, or choose not to spend them. It's all about making your budget suit your lifestyle, not the other way around.


SmartPoints values are easy to track as they’re whole numbers and we’ll supply you with the tools to work them out including our food barcode scanner, recipes builder and fast tracking, all within the app; so it's easier than ever to keep track of your weight loss progress and wellness journey.



What are ZeroPoint foods?


The WW program gives you the freedom to enjoy over 200 go-to foods called ZeroPoint foods. They have (you guessed it) a SmartPoints value of zero so there’s no need to track them. They are your go to foods for snacks, bulking up main meals and stretching our your Budget.

Lose weight, not your lifestyle

A realistic and sustainable approach to wellness is best for long-term weight loss and we should know! We have 50 years of proven success. We’re at the forefront of nutrition science and our SmartPoints system is a simple way of helping you making healthier choices.

All you have to do is stick to your Budget and enjoy living your life while you reach your health and wellness goals.