Healthier hearty soup recipes

Soup really does warm the soul and especially at winter time. As all the ingredients simmer away, wonderful, tasty soups will form, perfect for winter cooking.

How to make simple & tasty soups


The best thing about winter and the cooler months is cooking up healthy, hearty soups! Nothing beats the aroma of a soup simmering on the stove waiting to warm you up. Below, you'll find our favourite hearty soups to enjoy this season and 6 tips for making the perfect soup.

Transform chicken broth with the addition of fresh ginger and turmeric in our hearty chicken and ginger broth. Or create a creamy cauliflower and bean soup and bring it to life with fresh green parsley pesto. Can't go past a pumpkin soup? Transform traditional pumpkin soup with the addition of a few key ingredients like cumin, quinoa, chilli and fresh coriander in our spicy pumpkin, quinoa and coconut soup.