BBQ recipe ideas

With recipes for turkey, lamb, pork, seafood and vegetarian dishes, we are sure you'll find something to love cooking on your barbie this summer.
Published 22 December 2019

Who doesn't love a great summer BBQ? Whether you are entertaining friends on the weekend or just want easy weeknight meals, we've got plenty of sizzling ideas to get you going.


Barbecue basics

  • Start with foil. Before adding any fuel, line your barbecue with a few layers of foil for easy cleaning later.
  • Shop around. If you’re using charcoal or wood, don’t just buy the first thing you find. Your fuel imparts a lot of flavour to the food, so you want to be sure it’s good.
  • Get the right tools. Make sure you (and your food) are safe by cooking with good-quality long tongs and flameproof gloves.
  • Test the temperature. For charcoal or wood, use the ‘hand test’ to check heat. Taking care not to burn yourself, hold your hand about 12cm above the grill. If you need to pull it away after 2 seconds, the heat is high; after 4 seconds, it’s medium, and after 6 seconds, it’s low.