Photo of Vegan Egg Salad Pita Pockets with Sprouts and Watercress by WW

Vegan Egg Salad Pita Pockets with Sprouts and Watercress

7 - 9
PersonalPoints™ per serving
Total Time
10 min
10 min
0 min
You’ll never miss the eggs in this amazing tofu-based “egg salad”. Stuffed into pita pockets with sprouts, tomato, and watercress –it makes a super satisfying lunch


Extra firm tofu

14 oz, drained, mashed

Uncooked celery

½ cup(s), thinly sliced

Uncooked scallion(s)

¼ cup(s), chopped

Uncooked red onion(s)

3 tbsp(s), chopped, minced

Vegan mayonnaise

½ cup(s)

Fresh dill

1 tbsp(s), minced

Apple cider vinegar

1½ tbsp(s)

Dijon mustard

1 tsp(s)

Ground turmeric

½ tsp(s)

Table salt

½ tsp(s)

Black pepper


Whole wheat pita(s)

4 small, cut in half crosswise

Plum tomato(es)

3 medium, cut into 8 thin slices each

Uncooked bean sprouts

½ cup(s)

Fresh watercress

½ cup(s)


  1. Combine tofu, celery, scallions, and red onion in a medium bowl. Whisk together vegan-aise, dill, cider vinegar, mustard, turmeric, salt, and pepper. Fold into tofu mixture. Stuff each pita half with 2 slices plum tomato, 1TB sprouts, 1TB watercress, and ~1/3 cup “egg” salad.