Photo of Ombre Citrus Mocktail by WW

Ombre Citrus Mocktail

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Total Time
2 min
2 min
The key to the ombre effect in this pretty mocktail is grenadine; it sinks to the bottom of the glass, down into the pink grapefruit juice, where it adds a ruby hue to the bottom that gives way to the pink colour on top. The recipe makes one drink, but it can easily be scaled up for more servings. Garnish with a small piece of a grapefruit slice, if desired.


Pink grapefruit juice

½ cup(s), chilled

Unsweetened flavoured seltzer

½ cup(s), orange variety, chilled

Grenadine syrup

2 tsp(s)


  1. Pour the grapefruit juice into a 1-cup tulip glass or other cocktail glass. Hold a spoon upside down inside the glass, just over the juice, and slowly pour the seltzer over the back of the spoon into the drink. Spoon the grenadine into the drink (it will sink)
  2. Serving size: about 1 cup