Photo of Grilled Collards with Hot Pepper Vinegar by WW

Grilled Collards with Hot Pepper Vinegar

Points® value
Total Time
30 min
20 min
10 min
Grilling greens in a foil packet gives them great smoky flavour. Water, oil, and a few seasonings add a delicious flavour. After grilling, add a kick to these greens with thinly sliced jalapeño. Collard greens, a popular ingredient in the south, can be found in the produce section of the grocery store, usually near the kale or the Swiss chard.


Cooking spray

4 spray(s)

Uncooked collard greens

1 bunch(es), (about 2 3⁄4 lb), leaves separated and tough center stems removed

Extra virgin olive oil

1 tbsp(s)


2 clove(s), large, finely chopped

Kosher salt

1 tsp(s)

Apple cider vinegar

1 tbsp(s)

Jalapeño pepper

½ small, seeded and thinly sliced


  1. Off heat, coat grill rack or grill pan with nonstick spray. Preheat gas grill or grill pan to medium-high, or prepare medium-high fire in charcoal grill.
  2. Arrange collard leaves in small stacks. Roll each stack tightly and thinly slice into ribbons. Arrange sliced collards in center of large piece of foil and drizzle with oil and 1 tbsp water. Sprinkle with garlic and salt and gently toss with your hands. Fold foil over collards and seal packet. (Use a second piece of foil if necessary.)
  3. Transfer packet to grill. Cook, turning packet a few times, until collards are tender (check by unwrapping foil with tongs), 10 to 12 minutes. Unwrap collards and transfer to serving bowl or platter. Drizzle with vinegar and garnish with jalapeño. Serve immediately.
  4. Serving size: 1⁄2 cup