Photo of Basic Tomato Soup by WW

Basic Tomato Soup

PersonalPoints™ per serving
Total Time
50 min
20 min
30 min


Extra virgin olive oil

1 tbsp(s)

Uncooked onion(s)

1 medium, finely chopped

Uncooked celery

2 stalk(s), large, finely chopped

Fresh basil

6 tbsp(s), torn into pieces

Garlic clove(s)

3 clove(s), medium, finely chopped

Canned unsalted tomato paste

¼ cup(s)

Fresh tomato(es)

6 large, peeled and chopped

Home-prepared chicken stock

3 cup(s)

Uncooked carrot(s)

¾ cup(s)


  1. Heat the oil in a large saucepan over medium-low heat. Add the onion, celery, carrot and basil. Season with salt, cover and cook, stirring occasionally, until softened but not colored, 5 to 7 minutes.
  2. Add the garlic and cook, for about 1 minute, until aromatic.
  3. Stir in the tomato paste and cook for 2 minutes, then add the tomatoes and chicken stock and season with salt and pepper. Increase the heat to high and bring to a simmer, then reduce the heat and simmer for 20 minutes to break down the tomatoes and blend the flavors.
  4. Working in batches, pour the soup into a blender and blend until smooth. Spoon into bowls.