Macaroni and Cheese

Points® value

Meal Items

cooked whole wheat pasta

½ cup(s), (elbow macaroni suggested)

fat free evaporated milk

2 tbsp(s)

liquid egg substitute

2 tbsp(s), (or 1/2 a beaten egg)

Swiss cheese

1 oz, one slice

hot pepper sauce

¼ tsp(s)


Combine macaroni, milk, egg substitute, cheese and pepper sauce in a small saucepan. Cook over very low heat, stirring constantly, until sauce thickens - be careful that the egg doesn't cook to a solid mass. (COOKING TIP: Spoon the macaroni and cheese into a small baking dish and sprinkle on a tablespoon of non-fat grated cheese topping. Place the dish under the broiler for a minute or so for a golden-brown finish.)