Zero Alcohol, Maximum Flavour

Our go-to guide for pairing your favourite non-alcoholic beverages with our SmartPoints-Friendly dishes.
Published June 21, 2017

Just because you are cutting back on alcohol, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavour, or the fun of pairing food and beverages. Be the life of the party, and make your zero-alcholol bevvie your little secret.

Check out our selection of zero-alcohol wine and food pairings. Here we’ve rounded up three alcohol-free sippers courtesy of Hill Street Beverage Co. and paired them with some fun dinner party meal ideas. Whether you fancy rec, white or bubbly, we've got a menu for you! So go on, enjoy a guilty pleasure, without the guilt.


A classic food-friendly wine, merlot makes friends with many flavours. An easy-drinking red with a velvety palate and fruity body makes it a classic accompaniment to grilled meat, rich sauces, pizza, pasta, and classic casseroles.


A classic and complex grape, chardonnay flavours run the gamut from fresh and fruity, to buttery and complex. This quaffable white pairs well with seafood, fruit, curries and even egg dishes.


Not just for toasting at celebrations, Brut, or sparkling wines, can make a great meal accompaniment. The delicate palate and lively carbonation make it a perfect match for lighter fare, salads, seafood, Asian dishes, salty snacks, and dessert!