Your 7-day dinner plan: That's a wrap

No idea what to serve for dinner this week? Try these seven simple takes on the humble wrap
Published June 3, 2021

After a long day, it can feel overwhelming and/or exhausting just to think about what to make for dinner if you don't already have a plan in place. Planning out at least some ideas for dinner in advance is a great way to avoid that decision paralysis come 5 o'clock. And we've done that work for you!

This week's dinner menu suggestions include seven recipes that are all fun and playful takes on a simple wrap. One night, corn tortillas are piled high with mahi mahi, a mild but firm white fish, tossed in a flavour-packed marinade of cilantro, lime juice, ginger, and scallions, then topped with peach salsa. Can't find mahi mahi? Feel free to substitute cod. There are also less expected vessels for your wrapping, like cabbage leaves that stand in for sauerkraut in a turkey Reuben wrap. And make the most of fresh herbs before they wilt by tucking them into tasty, veggie-stuffed chicken summer rolls paired with a sweet and savoury peanut dipping sauce.

Whether you try one or all of these handheld recipes, they're guaranteed to inspire some new ideas for your dinner plans. So roll up your sleeves, wash those hands, and dig in!