Your 7-Day Dinner Plan: Individually Portioned Meals

These simple recipes rely on produce like portobello caps and tools like your muffin pan to make portioning way easier.
Published November 9, 2021

You're ready to enjoy a delicious dinner and you go to track it in your WW app—and then you realize you're not entirely sure how much one serving of this dish is. If you're not used to estimating portions, you may find yourself reaching for measuring cups or your food scale fairly often to help you stay on track when it comes to serving sizes until you get the hang of it. (And don't worry—you'll become a portions pro before you know it!)

If you're looking to make some mealtimes more seamless, these already-portioned dinners come to the table as individual servings. We lean on veggies that are naturally built for easy portioning, like giant portobello mushroom caps, tender eggplant halves, and spaghetti squash that becomes its own bowl (how's that for a neat trick?). We also look to the humble muffin pan to bake up oh-so-adorable individual pasta cups. Beyond the obvious baked goods, muffin pans are fantastic for making tidy servings.