Use Your Bean!

Plant-based proteins are your friends: They're satisfying, versatile, and nutritious.
Published November 3, 2017

Black, red, pinto, kidney, cannellini, navy, garbanzo.... the world of beans is colourful, varied—and rich in protein. If beef, chicken, fish, and other animal sources are what come to mind when you think of protein, why not expand your horizons? And don't stop with beans: There's a wide range of plant-based proteins like lentils, tofu, even quinoa, that can also add variety and flavour to your eating routine. Even better, they can help with weight loss! Protein may help you feel more satisfied than carbohydrates and fats; and foods high in protein are generally lower in SmartPoints® values.

Another point in plant-based proteins' favour: They're free of saturated fat, the dietary villain that can raise blood cholesterol and has been linked to heart disease and stroke. Incorporating them in your menus keeps things interesting—who wants to eat the same old, same old every day?—and can save you at the supermarket, too: Plant-based proteins, especially dry beans, can be much cheaper per serving than animal proteins.

Ready to explore? Take the protein challenge in your Weekly to get started and brush up on your knowledge. When you're ready to dive in to the deliciousness, canned beans give you lots of options.