Take a FitBreak!

Even short hits of activity can deliver great benefits
Published January 15, 2016

Work, family, social obligations—in other words, life—can jam up your schedule to the point that sometimes, exercise falls off your “to-do” list. Or maybe you’re not exercising because you’re still getting a handle on the SmartPoints™ plan. Heck, maybe you’re a true gym rat, but looking to throw a couple of moves here and there into your day. Whatever your situation, the new Fitbreak by Weight Watchers™ app available on iTunes can help you jump in—literally—to the benefits of moving more. Choose from dozens of one-minute moves that you can do at home, at work, or outside; set your level of difficulty, and identify the target area you want to work. Then go for it! You can earn FitPoints™ as well!

When you’re ready to add a little more time and intensity, you might want to try our new Hot5® by Weight Watchers app on iTunes. As you’d guess, they’re five-minute mini-workouts; the free app includes several workouts, and you can upgrade to unlock more.

If you can find 10 minutes in your day to sneak in a round of push-ups or a brisk walk, even better. You can reap some of the same health benefits from 10 minutes of aerobic exercise that you can from longer, sweatier stints—including stronger muscles, better mood, and lower blood pressure—which can ultimately play into weight loss and help stave off health problems like diabetes and heart disease.
The more mini-workouts you can shoehorn in the better: To have a truly healthy and fit body and maintain your weight loss, being active throughout your day is key. The trick is to build exercise into activities you do every day.

Need some inspiration? Try these fast moves:

  • Making dinner... Turn on the stereo or grab your smartphone to queue up a favourite playlist and dance, dance, dance!
  • Buying groceries... If you have canned items in your cart, do a few arm curls while in line. Have fewer than six bags? If it’s not too much of a strain, carry them to the car.
  • Gassing up the car... Alternate calf raises with forward lunges while you’re filling the tank.
  • Watching TV... Work your core by doing a series of planks or crunches during commercials.
  • Working at the office... Set your calendar to give you hourly reminders to get up and take a walk or do quick exercises like chair dips, squats or stretches.

Of course, sometimes you need more than just ideas and apps to get you moving. Check out these 10 smart ideas for making workouts happen and you’ll be more likely to hit your FitPoints goal every week. Keep in mind trick number 5: Anticipate motivational dips. The answer to that one? Check out the Connect tab (the “people” icon at the bottom of the screen) on our mobile app! You’ll tap into an inspiring, energizing, kick-in-the-pants feed from your Weight Watchers community. Get great ideas for activity and healthy eating—and share your own #GreatIdeas!

Savoury Soup—for Zero SmartPoints!
Try one of our most popular dishes, Italian-Inspired Vegetable Soup, gets even better with our new program! It clocks in at exactly zero SmartPoints! Spinach, red pepper, onion, and diced tomatoes are flavored with thyme, oregano, and basil—you get satisfaction in every spoonful. (Freeze extras to warm winter evenings.)