The Stew Roundup

Try these worthy favourites to help sustain you on those when-will-spring-come days.
Published January 1, 2017

A steaming bowl of stew is the ultimate winter comfort food. Stews are so rich and flavourful, you'd think they would take forever to make and be loads of work. But although they generally cook slowly, most of the prep time is spent in the simmering process, which allows you plenty of time to relax while dinner cooks.

Stewing 101
Because stewing requires a gradual blending of flavours, you’ll need to start with a liquid medium (usually chicken, beef or vegetable stock) and a wide variety of dried or fresh seasonings. Don't be afraid to experiment with fun ingredients like the light beer in our Skillet Beef and Beer Stew, or exotic seasonings like the saffron in our Saffron Sea Bass Stew.

Equipment needs for stewing are slim. You’ll be well prepared if you have basic measuring tools plus a large stockpot and a long-handled ladle or a slow cooker. Make sure you have pint-size, freezable containers on hand so you can stock up on portion-controlled, re-heatable meals.

Stew-pendous options

Our Lamb Stew with Leeks and Carrots recipe encourages you to think beyond classic beef stew with the savoury combination of lamb, carrots, and leeks. Simmering lamb in a slow cooker for lengthy periods of time like in this recipe will yield tender morsels of meat. Perfect for a cold winter's evening.

If snow or cold temperatures are keeping you from venturing to the grocery store, our Provencal Fish Stew is for you. It relies on staple pantry items like canned diced tomatoes, water-packed tuna and cannellini beans for its base.

If your errands list leaves you no time for a home-cooked meal, you’ll love our Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore. It can cook for eight hours without your even being home.

Finally, if you're in the mood for a classic, try our Provencal Beef Stew. It is delicious and satisfying and only clocks in at 3 SmartPoints per serving