Serious Suds, Sans Alcohol

Limiting alcohol, but still want to enjoy a cold brew? We have the beer for you!
Published April 16, 2018

There's nothing quite like capping a long day with a cold beer: hearing the satisfying sound of a can cracking open, watching the frothy brew gently tumble into a chilled glass, and then taking that first crisp, ice-cold sip. 

But ordinary beers are often high in SmartPoints, and they may not be "worth" the points. Fortunately, we've discovered three extraordinary beers you can enjoy at any time. Hill Street Beverage Company makes three great-tasting, alcohol-free beverages that are just 2 SmartPoints per 12-ounce serving - that's about half of what you'd need for a can of the other stuff!* They've taken all the best bits of traditional beer and made award-winning, alcohol-free versions.
No matter what type of beer you prefer, there's a perfect brew waiting for you. Here we have selected some recipes to perfectly pair with your favourite alcohol-free beer.

Designated Draft

This is your classic, go-to, “I need a beer” beer. So good in fact it’s the winner of Silver (2017) and Bronze (2016) awards at the US Open Beer Championships...and its only two years old! Crisp, clean, and refreshing, this beer is a crowd-pleaser and the perfect accompaniment to any game-day grub. Try pairing it with these classic sports-fan nosh-ables:

Hill Street Craft Brewed Lager

Food pairings aren’t just for wine! If you're longing for some sophisticated snack-ables to pair with your lager, this beer’s versatility lends itself well to sweet and spicy meat dishes, fried foods, and light seafood. Try it paired with one of these SmartPoints-friendly recipes today!

MADD Virgin Craft Brewed Lager

As the world’s first alcohol-free craft beer, this is great for beer-aficionados and has been recognized as truly one-of-a kind, winning three Golds (2017, 2015, and 2014) and a Silver (2016) at the US Open Beer Championships. (And as if that weren't enough, it also won the Retail Council of Canada’s Grand Prix for Best New Product of 2014.) Hoppy, full-bodied, and complex-tasting, this beer pairs best with barbecue flavours, red meat, jerk seasoning, and loaded burgers.

* A typical 12-ounce beer with a 5% alcohol by volume contains a SmartPoints value of 5, while a 12-ounce non-alcoholic beer has a SmartPoints value of 2.