Party Smart!

Balance warm-weather food and fun with staying on track.
Published June 17, 2016

What do the words “summer party” conjure up for you? If you're imagining grilled burgers and hot dogs with heaps of potato salad plus cupcakes and ice cream, you're also probably wondering how to navigate it all. No worries. Summer is also prime time for fresh or grilled veggies, colourful salads and beautiful berries. Sure, there’s room in your plan for that juicy burger and potato salad ("deprivation" is a dirty word around here). But a party action plan that helps you choose what to focus on—food, fun, friends—can help you steer clear of BBQ overload.

Set yourself up for party success with these tips:

Set your budget
Before you face the barbecue or buffet, know how many SmartPoints® values you want to spend, and how you want to divvy them up. Will you use some of your Weekly SmartPoints? Ask your host what’s on the menu if possible, decide what you’re most looking forward to eating, and be super-picky about (or just skip) the rest of the food.

Do a mental dress rehearsal
Picture the party and what it will feel like to be there. Now imagine yourself making healthy choices, and patting yourself on the back for your smarts. This run-through can help you build the confidence to stick to your guns when faced with the real deal.

Help yourself
Smaller salad plates offer built-in portion protection, so grab one for the main course if you can. Or load up a full-size plate at least halfway with veggies before splitting the rest of it between protein and whole grains, if possible.

Find ways to be active
Food may be the focus, but most backyard parties offer some fun ways to earn a few FitPoints too! Toss a Frisbee, join in a game of volleyball, go for a swim in the pool, or just run around playing tag with the kids.

I scream, you scream…
Wind up a Canada Day party with hand-y sweets like our Mini Mint Cookies-and-Cream Ice Cream Sandwiches, or our other ice-cream sandwiches, including Raspberry Cheesecake and our classic full-sized option.