Manage Your Time

Find more minutes and you can put yourself first.
Published September 25, 2016


On a typical day, you might feel that there’s barely enough time to take care of your obligations, attend to family and friends, and grab some food here and there. Healthy living seems like one more thing to shoehorn in. And forget “me time.”

But think: Are you making the most of your time? Being a perfectionist, or not delegating tasks at work or home can siphon off precious hours. So can clutter: You have to move it, work around it, sort through it. Maybe you spend a lot of time procrastinating, surfing the web, or saying “yes“ when you’re buttonholed to volunteer for something you really don't want to do. Learning how to manage your time so you have more of it for the things you do want to do is essential.

Take a good look at your "spending habits". Lack of time can block your way to a healthy lifestyle: You need enough time to cook, be active, and plan meals and snacks. And above and beyond that, lack of time can make the rest of your life feel cramped and stressed. Who wants to live like that from day to day?

Save time, see success

A frequent theme in meetings is planning—and how it’s essential for success. Spending a few minutes coming up with plans can actually save you time, because it can make you less likely to scramble for last-minute solutions. In fact, if you do it right, you can add an hour to your day (without losing sleep). That can give you more time for yourself too!

So plan! And try these five time-tested time savers as well:

*Prioritize.* Make your health—and in particular your weight loss—the most important task on your list. Speaking of which…

*Make lists!* They'll help you organize your thoughts and put your plans into action.

*Delegate.* Once you know what you need to do and you've written it all down, ask your family for help. There's no reason you should have to do it all yourself.

*Say "no."* If there isn't enough time in your day for you to prioritize your health, you have too much on your plate. Which to-dos can you cut?

*Get "timely" inspiration.* At your next meeting, ask the friends around you how they do it. And check out Success Stories and Connect for tips.

Company-worthy fare

Here are a few hearty and eye-pleasing ideas to impress your guests with ease.