Game Day Grub

Save some SmartPoints with these goal-line stacked snacks
Published January 18, 2017

Who doesn’t love an excuse to flip on the game and nosh on some seriously delicious snacks? Whether it’s the NHL, NFL, NBA or BWF World championship (that’s badminton… you didn’t know!)  any event is worthy of a get together with friends. If you've ever hosted a game day party, or perhaps been dragged to one before, then you'll know that the food and drinks served are often a bigger attraction than the game itself. While delicious and easy-to-eat, these snacks are often deep-fried, heavily sauced and smothered in cheese. Not the healthiest of options...

So what's the right play to stay on track? Call an audible. Either serve healthier options if you're hosting, or bring your own dish.

Try making something from this collection of party recipes, all for 5 SmartPoints or less! That way you'll know exactly what you're eating and how many SmartPoints are in each serving and your friends and family will still love the grub! Enjoy the game!