How WeightWatchers® helped Chris lose 50kg

After living on snack foods and feeling tired with aches and pains, Chris joined WW and lost 50kg over 16 months!
Published 2 June 2022
Chris lost 50kg on WW. "For me it was learning about portions and balance and now I feel that I am now in control."

Chris' weight-loss story

What was life like before WW?

Before joining WW I used to buy bakery lunches for work every day and snack on biscuits, chocolate and cakes. Dinners were always accompanied with rich sauces plus wine and beer. I was ashamed of what I looked like and I used clothes to hide. My health was poor with no energy and I had constant aches and pains. My mindset was, this is life so may as well put up with it.

What was the moment that made you join WW?

I saw a photo of myself at a friend’s party and I was disgusted at how I looked. My instant thought was that it's time to sort yourself out and get healthy. You can't live like this anymore. I joined WW Digital in Jan 2021 as I felt a bit uncomfortable going into Workshops and being the only male. The WW app was a great place for me to connect with other men also on the program.

What healthy habits have you learned?

What I love about WW is the freedom to choose and enjoy good food. I like that there are no restrictions. For me it was learning about portions and balance and now I feel that I am now in control.

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What's an average day of eating like?

My favourite snacks include fresh fruit, WW coconut chocolate bars, raw almonds and pretzels. I make a healthy salad for lunch every day using my ZeroPoint foods. My water bottle is always by my side and I make sure I keep hydrated which was something I never focused on before. My favourite dinner is eye fillet, veggies and potatoes. I still love a drink and my favourite tipple is a nip of Scotch in a large glass of water.

What are you most proud of?

Since losing 50kg over 16 months, I'm feeling healthy, my aches and pains are gone and my blood pressure is down. I'm enjoying buying new clothes that I actually feel good in. I'm also proud that my wife Sheryll, who has been a wonderful encouragement to me, has also lost about 15kg just through us eating better together and being by my side on this amazing journey. WW really works. It's sustainable and easy without taking you out of your comfort zone.

"I’m grateful to WW for giving me positivity and fulfillment back in my life."— Chris

Chris's tips for success

1. Plan your meals

2. Keep track of portion sizes

3. Exercise every day