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Photo of Beef and lentil burgers with grilled onions by WW

Beef and lentil burgers with grilled onions

Total Time
30 min
20 min
10 min
Fire up the barbie and treat the family to these brilliant burgers 'beefed' up with lentils and grated vegies.


Lentils, canned, rinsed, drained

1 400g can, (1 x 400g can)

Extra lean beef mince, raw

250 g


1 small, grated


1 medium, grated


1 medium

Dried breadcrumbs

40 g, sourdough variety (see tip)

Red onion

2 medium, thinly sliced

Wholemeal bread roll

240 g, 60g each, split

Light whole egg mayonnaise

2 tbs


1 clove(s), crushed

Cos lettuce

2 cup(s), 8 leaves (baby)

Lebanese cucumber

1 medium, cut into thin ribbons

Beetroot, canned in brine, drained

150 g, (slices)


  1. Place lentils in a large bowl and roughly mash with a fork. Add mince, zucchini, carrot, egg and breadcrumbs and mix until well combined. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Shape mixture into four 2cm-thick patties. Place on a plate. Cover and refrigerate for 20 minutes.
  2. Preheat a chargrill or barbecue over medium-high heat. Lightly spray onions and patties with oil. Cook, turning occasionally, for 8–10 minutes or until onions are golden and patties are cooked through.
  3. Meanwhile, preheat grill on high. Grill cut side of rolls until lightly toasted. Combine mayonnaise and garlic in a small bowl. Spread roll bases with half the mayonnaise mixture and top with lettuce, cucumber, patties, remaining mayonnaise mixture, beetroot and grilled onions. Sandwich with roll tops. Serve.


TIP: To make breadcrumbs, cut day-old sourdough bread into cubes. Place in a food processor and process until coarsely chopped. Make extra breadcrumbs and freeze in snap-lock bags for up to 3 months.Use a vegetable peeler to cut cucumber into thin ribbons.