How to lose weight online

5 reasons why the WeightWatchers® Core membership is the perfect health and weight-loss option for you.
Published 7 March 2019 | Updated 6 June 2024

How does WeightWatchers online work?

In our increasingly digital lives, many of us tackle our to-do lists online. Shopping, banking, socialising: tasks once requiring face-to-face contact can now be completed at the click of a button, wherever we happen to be. Such convenience is the cornerstone of the WeightWatchers Core membership, explains online coach Marianne Parker. “There are no set times or appointments to keep,” she says. “Everything our members need is right at their fingertips.”

The Core membership offers a fully online weight-loss program with a variety of features. With over 6,000 recipes, easy tracking tools and additional perks like mini meditations and live virtual events, the app provides everything you need to develop and sustain healthy habits from the comfort of your home.

When you join WeightWatchers and download the app, you gain access to five apps in one. Here’s a brief overview of the amazing features available, followed by more details below:

  • Trackers: Log food, water and activity, plus use a barcode scanner for easy shopping.
  • Recipes: Over 6,000 recipes, searchable by dietary needs, prep time and more.
  • Community: 24/7 live coaching from experts and access to our members-only network, Connect.

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1. Easy to use app

Effortlessly manage your weight loss journey with our intuitive WeightWatchers app. Track your food, weight, activity and water intake using easy-to-use tracking tools. The app includes a built-in barcode scanner, allowing you to quickly find the Points value of any food in seconds. For added convenience, you can sync your activity tracker with the app to automatically log your physical activity.

The app's user-friendly interface makes it simple to stay on top of your progress and maintain healthy habits. Whether you’re planning meals, monitoring your hydration, or keeping an eye on your fitness goals, the app provides a seamless experience that supports your weight loss and overall weight health.

2. Over 6,000 recipes and meal Ideas

Gain access to a vast library of over 6,000 healthy, simple and delicious recipes through the app. These recipes are conveniently organised into collections such as "Member Favourites," "Meals for One," and "Quick & Easy," making it simple to find meals that fit your tastes and lifestyle. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free, we have curated recipe collections tailored to your dietary preferences and needs. Enjoy exploring a wide variety of options that help you maintain a balanced and enjoyable diet.
>> Spicy pancetta and cherry tomato pasta

3. 24/7 support from a WeightWatchers Coach

No matter your question, our Coaches are available online 24/7 via live chat to assist you. Coach Vanessa Watkins explains, “We cover all kinds of topics, whether it's helping members navigate the website or offering advice on healthier takeaway options.”

Our round-the-clock support is particularly beneficial for shift workers, stay-at-home parents and anyone with a busy schedule. “The 24-hour chat tool is ideal if you're really busy or need to wait until the kids are in bed to get things done,” Watkins adds.

From breastfeeding mums seeking advice in the middle of the night to commuters connecting with us on their way to work, our members appreciate having access to knowledgeable Coaches whenever they need support. You can rely on our team to provide guidance and encouragement at any time of day or night.

4. Members-only social community

Connect is our exclusive digital community designed specifically for members. It’s a positive, inspirational space where you can share tips, recipes and success stories while making new friends who are on a similar journey. Post your photos, track your progress and follow other members as they work towards their goals.

For those looking for more targeted interactions, Connect Groups offer the perfect solution. Whether you’re a pet owner, a foodie, or share another common interest, you can find and join groups of like-minded members. Connect is the ideal place to hang out for a motivation boost and to engage with a supportive community that understands your challenges and celebrates your victories.

5. Additional features, including virtual experiences

Discover exclusive members-only content such as meal plans, shopping lists, app guides, mini meditations and weekly techniques to help you eat healthier, shift your mindset and stay active. We've also added a variety of live virtual experiences in the app, including program insights and workouts.

Frequently asked questions

Different membership options appeal to different people. Some might thrive upon the structure of visiting a Workshop – meeting with the same coach each week and learning from the experiences of fellow members. For others, a digital experience provides a more private and flexible alternative, allowing you to choose how much you interact with the WeightWatchers community.

But digital members needn't go it entirely alone, says Parker, adding that there's plenty of assistance available should they choose to utilise it.

“Touching base online with a Coach once a week, perhaps on your weigh-in day, is a useful way to keep on track,” she suggests. “We can talk things through – whether it's been a successful or not-so-great week – and coach you over any hurdle you may be facing.”

“Some members connect to thank us for our advice or to share their success stories,” says Parker. “They come back to us after a week or two to let us know they've done what we advised and that it helped.”

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Parker explains that, as with all WeigtWatchers memberships, the Core plan is an affordable option, with standard prices starting at just AU$42.50 per month for membership and full access to the app.

“We get quite a few people asking us, ‘How much does it cost to use the WeightWatchers app by itself?’ But a Core membership is inclusive of the app and website,” she says. “It's an exclusive member privilege that can greatly enhance your experience and accountability on your weight health journey.”

Like Workshops, Core can be a great source of motivation, Parker continues. “It's the difference between plodding along by yourself and having the accountability you need to reach your health goals,” she says. “We're here to help in any way, shape or form that we can.”