How to sync your fitness tracker with the WeightWatchers® app

It's the simplest way to keep track of your activity.
Published 28 August 2020 | Updated 1 July 2024

The rewards of physical activity? Huge. Not only can it lead to up to 20% more weight loss when combined with eating better, but it may also boost self-esteem and mood, help you manage stress, reduce the risk of depression, and even lead to better sleep—and it’s also the single best predictor of who keeps it off and who doesn’t.

The best way to make activity part of your life is to choose something you enjoy—people just aren’t programmed to do things they hate! The WW experience will help you move more in ways you like, and we offer a whole bunch of tools to make it easier including syncing your activity tracker. The WeightWatchers app is compatible with; Apple Health (iOS only), Garmin, Fitbit, Google Fit, Health Connect (Android only).

If your device isn’t connected—or if you’re not sure if it’s properly synced—follow the simple steps below. Don’t panic if you don’t see your data right away! It can occasionally take up to two hours to retrieve data from your device or app.

How to connect your activity tracker

Follow these steps to easily and quickly connect your device:

  1. Open the app
  2. Tap the person icon in the top left corner
  3. Tap “Settings”
  4. Tap “Connected Devices”
  5. Tap the device you want to connect
  6. Tap "Turn on all categories" to sync

Now that your device is connected, you can start earning your activity Points. Remember: There’s no right or wrong way to get active. We encourage you to move any way you like, at your own pace. Walk, swim, skateboard, clean the house—it all counts!

To encourage you to keep it up, we’ll add Points to your budget for being active. Why? Behaviour change science shows that when we receive positive reinforcement for doing something, we’re more likely to repeat it. And repetition creates habits. In addition to helping you build the healthy habit of moving your body, added Points also make your food program even more liveable. You can choose how, and when, you add Points through activity, giving you extra flexibility in your plan. FYI, those Points will be automatically added to your weekly budget when you manually track your activity or if you’ve already synched your fitness device.