Connect is WeightWatchers digital community for members

WeightWatchers® Connect is a members-only social network that you access in our app. This fun, supportive, judgment-free zone is filled with people working toward their weight-loss goals just like you.
Published 21 December 2015 | Updated 2 December 2022

Want new ideas for using ZeroPoint foods?

Looking for tips to avoid mindless snacking?

Need some support after a setback?

Ready to celebrate a victory?

You’re in the right place!

WeightWatchers Connect gives you all those things and lots more. Because when you’re losing weight and building healthy habits, sharing that experience with others can be incredibly powerful—and it could be the key to your success. We’ll show you how.

Curious about our Connect community? It’s exclusive to WeightWatchers members.

Get in on the action!

Instead of doom-scrolling your socials, imagine a feed filled with inspiration from people on the same journey as you.

Connect is our exclusive WW member-only social community found in the WeightWatchers app.

Think of it as a safe and secure place to celebrate your wellness progress, share your weight-loss journey plus get helpful advice and support from fellow members.

How do I join the WW member community?

Tap on the Connect icon at the bottom of your home screen in the WW app. (It’s the icon on the bottom right—looks like people standing together.)

The first screen that pops up: That’s the Trending feed. The most popular posts from members will appear at the top.

To the right, you’ll notice a New tab and then a Following tab.

  • New features the posts members are sharing in real time.
  • Following has all the posts from members you follow.

How do I post to Connect?

1. Open up Connect via the WW app and tap on 'Share with us'.

2. Enter your caption under 'What's on your mind?' or tap the camera icon to upload a photo or video from your phone. Under 'Layout', you can also select a Then and Now option for your photo upload.

If you are using a iOS device you can apply filters to your image and add any features to personalise your post. Don't forget to add your #hashtags!

3. Hit 'Post.

How to post in connect

How do I get to know people?

As you’re scrolling, like posts, comment, and follow members who interest you—just like on any other social network!

How do I join a group?

See that button that says Browse Groups? Tap it. Or you can search up something more specific. Top choices:

  • Newbies
  • Walk with WW
  • WW Guys
  • Meal prep

Note: Connect groups are available in the WW app, not on


Make sure you are following:

  • @wwaunz: For tips, tricks and inspiration.
  • @wwsupportaunz: Tag WW Customer Care with any questions about your membership.

Top hashtags to check out

  • #walkeveryday
  • #wwfood
  • #wwfamily
  • #nsv
  • #transformationtuesday
  • #facechangefriday


Keeping you safe

Of course, we have some rules: We designed these Connect Guidelines to keep Connect a safe space to fuel your wellness journey.

To protect your privacy, you’ll need to select a privacy setting. (You can edit these settings under Profile > Connect Settings > Privacy Settings)

Public posts: Your posts are visible to other members and will appear in the general feed, and any member can follow you.

Private posts: Members can request to follow you, but they won't see any of your posts until you give your approval.

Whichever one you choose, your age, gender, weight, and other personal information are always private.

Got any questions or need help?

We're always here to give you more tips or help you out. Open up a Live Chat session 24/7 and we'll assist you.