0 Point condiments

We believe healthy food shouldn’t compromise on taste and that everything you eat should be full of flavour. If you’re looking for a little something extra to take your dish up a notch, try one of our go-to flavour boosters.
Published 16 July 2020 | Updated 26 October 2023

There’s a convenient way to add a big punch of flavour to any dish without reinventing the wheel: Reach for a condiment. Whether you’re a sriracha or mayo person, a squirt or scoop of your favorite sauce, dip, or spread can quickly make over a meal. And here’s some good news: on the WeightWatchers® Points Program, these add-ons won’t interfere with your weight loss efforts.

Many condiments are zero or low in Points, so you can easily mix-and-match. If you want an extra dollop of barbecue sauce or sour cream on your food, remember to track portion sizes when measuring out your condiments.

Your condiment cheat sheet

Wondering how many Points are in your favourite dips, sauces, spreads, and more? This guide makes tracking condiments a breeze.

0 Points

Dijon mustard, 3 tsp | Perfect with steak or in sandwiches

Balsamic vinegar, 1 tbs | Give salads a fresh twist with a splash of balsamic

Dried apricot, 1 tsp | Add to porridge and muesli or savoury dishes such as couscous and tagines

Flaked almonds, 1 tsp | Toast up to add irresistible texture and crunch to salads

Soy sauce, 1 tbs | The ultimate flavour enhancer for Asian dishes

Capers, 1 tbs | Top grilled fish with a spoonful of capers and a squeeze of lemon juice

Fish sauce, 1 tbs | Adds an amazing flavour boost to stir-fries and coconut-based curries

Horseradish cream, 1 tsp | Add some serious bite to a steak, sandwich or even mashed potato

Lemon juice, 1 tbs | Adds a little zing to fish dishes, risottos, curries and salads

1 Point

Tomato chutney, 1 tsp | The perfect companion for red meat, and an excellent sandwich relish

Currants, 1 tbs | These little pops of sweetness aren’t just for muffins, cakes and slices, they’re also a great savoury addition, particularly in Middle Eastern-style dishes such as tagines

Avocado, ¼ medium | The creamy texture is a beautiful addition to salads or used as a spread

Chocolate sauce, 1 tsp | Paired with fresh fruit or ice-cream, sometimes all you need is just a little chocolate kick

Maple syrup, 1 tsp | Add a drizzle to pep up homemade baked beans or to add a little extra sweetness to desserts

Anchovies, 4 fillets | Packing a serious flavour punch, these make a tasty add in for pasta dishes, salads and dips

Roasted peanuts, 2 tsp | Add some crunch to stir-fries and noodles

Chilli sauce, 1 tbs | A must have for lovers of all things hot and spicy

Tomato sauce, 1 tbs | No BBQ is complete without this classic condiment

2 Points

Honey, 2 tsp | Add a drizzle of honey to porridge or smoothies for a subtle sweetness

Apple sauce, ¼ cup | Stir through yoghurt or add to muffins for a little extra sweetness without the sugar

Low-fat mayonnaise, 1 tbs | What’s a salad sandwich without a bit of mayo?

Olives, 6 individual | Add a salty kick to salads

Pumpkin seeds (pepitas), 1 tbs | These little nutrition powerhouses are a source of heart-healthy omega-3 fats

Sun-dried tomato pesto, 1 tbs | Add to sandwiches or pasta sauces for a flavour hit

Reduced-fat hummus, 2 tbs | Endlessly versatile and a great source of fibre, serve alongside meat and grilled vegetables

3 Points

Sweet chilli sauce, 1 tbs | The perfect balance of salty and sweet, add to stir-fries and noodle dishes for a flavour boost

Parmesan cheese, 2 tbs, grated | A sprinkle of parmesan is a must have for pasta and risotto, and thanks to its strong flavour, a little goes a long way!

Reduced-fat cream, 1 tbs | Not just for desserts, a dollop of cream is the perfect comforting addition to a tomato or pumpkin soup

Basil pesto, 1 tbs | Stir a spoonful through scrambled eggs, frittatas or pasta dishes for a gourmet twist

Sesame oil, 2 tsp | Adds incredible flavour to stir-fries and salad dressings

Mango chutney, 1 tbs | If you haven’t tried this classic Indian complement, you’re missing out!